Preservation Policy

Our journal favors the generation of XML documents is privileged for the publication of their contents for their conservation and accessibility in the event of adverse events. It keeps in mind the versions of formats and their respective updates in order to ensure their continued availability.

Cientifica has an incipient digital preservation plan: the entire collection of the magazine is within two institutional servers, in addition to an external hard drive and, also (partially since 2005), in the Redalyc database.

Recently, Cientifica is included in the Public Knowledge roject Preservation Network (PKP PN) where it has accepted the terms of use through the LOCKSS OJS plugin. This agreement outlines what is being preserved, the nature of the commitment, the PKP's right to preserve the journal, what content will be accessible after a triggering event, and how they must communicate with the PKP. After a triggering event, PKP intends to make the content accessible through a special instance of OJS that will be operated by the PN.