Peer Review Process

Articles are accepted in Spanish or English, their submission is requested exclusively through the Open Journal Systems platform, each article received, once it has complied with the editorial formatting standards, is reviewed with the Turnitin© anti-plagiarism software. To avoid plagiarism, it is expected that authors and other journals take this part of the process seriously. It is expected that within the original content and considering the textual quotes, the percentage of similarity is less than 20%; In major cases, it will be returned for its pertinent adaptation.

In the next stage, the Scientific Committee chooses two reviewers (blind peer review) experts in the corresponding areas, who will not know the authorship data, while the authors will not know the identities of the reviewers. Original manuscripts that are not in progress in another publication are strictly accepted.

The authors are recommended to review the guide document for the opinion used by the reviewers, it is presented as a form within the Open Journal System platform (you could read it [RevForm.pdf] in this folder in gdrive).

When submitting their articles, the authors accept the policies and decisions of our Editorial Committee. Cientifica does not approve publication without ruling, which will take the necessary time to guarantee the quality and validity of the works. The article can be accepted, rejected or publishable with modifications. Upon approval, the authors are provided with a rights agreement for the editing, publication and distribution of the writings, which are transferred to Cientifica. Neither the processing of the articles nor their editing generate any cost for their authors.